Hundreds of Cars Drove by This Guy—The Only Man Who Stopped to Help Will Blow You Away!!

Ryan wanted to conduct a social experiment to see if people were still willing to help one another. So he jacked up an old Mustang, faked a flat, and waited on the side of the road for hours to see if anyone would stop to help.

After hundreds of vehicles zipped by without a second look, his faith in humanity was finally restored when he saw who took the time to pull over…

His name was Eric. He saw Ryan on the side of the road a few hours ago on the way to his physical therapy appointment and noticed that he was still there on his way back. This man’s home had just burned down, he suffered 3rd-degree burns all over his body, and he stopped to help a man in needeven though helping him required doing so from his wheelchair.

Shocked, Ryan asked, “You just randomly, even though you’re in pain, you just stopped?”

And he replied, “Yeah, I don’t see why not. I mean everybody needs a little help here and there.”

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break down

Once Ryan let Eric in on the hidden camera documenting the random act of kindness, Ryan decided to reciprocate with one of his own.

He asked for the name of Eric’s foundation so he could  help raise money AND took him to the store while he was at it to get him a new Playstationa common love they discovered while bonding over  fixing the “fake” flat. Eric lost his in the fire, along with everything else.

So Ryan made sure to hook him up with a bag full of games too!

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What a standup example of “Give and it will be given to you.”




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