Wife Is Irritated as Husband Ignores Her—Then She Sees What He’s Reading on His Phone

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My husband and I have known each other since we were nineteen, and I’d be lying if I said our relationship hadn’t changed since then. I mean, I still get butterflies in my belly when he gives me that certain, signature smirk of his, but it’s not like first kiss fireworks when I give him a sleepy smooch nowadays before putting our baby to bed. I think most couples who have been in love for a long time will agree that the passage of years changes their relationship, but one day something crazy happens that shows you just how much the tides have turned.

And this just happened to me.

So it was our day off together, and although I don’t expect my husband to spend every waking moment with baited breath for my next word, I do kinda assume he’ll answer an inquiry when I point it in his direction. I mean, if you ask a question you expect an answer, right?! My, how things change.

So there we were in the same room, and like any sensible person would expect, I figured he would catch my drift when I began speaking to him.

“So what time do you think we should leave?” I asked.

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Silence. Silence.

I waited for an answer, but none came. And it was at this point I realized my husband had ignored me. Quite easily, in fact.

As if to nail the point home he suddenly and excitedly said, “ok, listen to this,” while staring down at his phone.

Insert eyeroll.

But it’s at this point I realize my spouse is so enthralled by the Bible he’s reading on his phone, and he starts quoting Leviticus to me. You heard me right, Leviticus!

Y’all, I couldn’t even be mad. My goodness, how things had changed. At nineteen I might have been angry had he ignored me. I might have even been jealous that anything took his attention from me. At that point, and heck, even 5-6 years ago, I might have desired his affections strictly trained to me, with moi as the numero uno of his life, but not now. Instead I was filled with joy. I was happy for how the Lord continued every day to draw my husband, and His child, closer to Himself.

Yes, when seeking the Lord for my spouse I prayed a lot of things. But for many years this had been my main request.

May we continue to grow in relationship as husband and wife, but more importantly may we grow in our relationship with you.

That’s what had really changed. Rather than praying for my husband to be the man I wanted him to be for me, I had prayed that he could be the man God had him to be for His kingdom.

Be careful what you ask for. Lol. Now I had me a man who downright ignored me he was so busy reading the word, but honestly, I can think of no better occupier of his time. I’m honored to stand lovingly beside a man who loves his wife like Christ loves the church, but continues to seek ways to follow Jesus and His example even closer. I am proud to live this life with a partner in parenting who desires to lead his family according to Biblical principles. These things didn’t seem that important to me years ago, but now I understand it’s most important.

I am married to a man who can’t get enough of Jesus, and when he’s not soaking in the word he makes sure to tell me how pretty I am. So really, it’s a win, win.

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