In the Face of Death, Joey Feek Sings Praises to Her Savior—& It’s a Heartbreaking Piece of Heaven

“Softly and Tenderly” may have been released in 1880, but country star Joey Feek just brought this nostalgic hymn to present day in the most beautiful way.


The country duo Joey & Rory have raided headlines recently as they’ve shared Joey’s heartbreaking battle with cervical cancer. In the midst of such tragedy, the cancer fighter has stayed strong for her husband Rory and their two girls, Heidi and Hopie.

Joey has put up a valiant fight, but she’s now chosen to stop treatment and enter hospice. She likely only has days left to live.

What’s even more inspiring is the peace that Joey has with the Lord amidst her losing fight with life. As she delivers the age-old gospel song, the words don’t just come out of her mouth, they flow from the depths of her soul.

She is at rest with the hand that she’s been given, and as we watch this hymn delivered while she endures chemo treatment after chemo treatment, we truly see first hand the peace that passes understanding…

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Kelsey Straeter
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