Something Was Telling Me, ‘You’ve Got to Help This Man Out’: TikTok Video Goes Viral Of Hero Saving Man’s Life

instacart worker posts on tiktok about saving mans life

We interact with numerous people throughout our days, whether through our line of work or when we’re rushing to get through all our errands. But how many times do we slow down enough to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading? Unfortunately, so many of us are so over-scheduled and burnt out that we miss those inner prompts or gut feelings that something’s not right and we brush past that sad or sick human face in front of us. But not Jessica Higgs. This Instacart worker saved an old man’s life simply by listening to that inner prompt.

The Story of How an Instacart Worker Saved an Old Man’s Life

On January 30, 2022, Jessica Higgs was out on her normal job for Instacart. She was picking up groceries and delivering them on people’s front porches. Even though, as Jessica explains, she always makes an extra effort to go above and beyond in her service with Instacart, inner promptings to surpass her normal efforts began for her even before she reached one customer’s porch. According to Jessica’s TikTok video, she was checking and rechecking the order to make sure it was right.

On this particular Instacart order, a daughter had ordered groceries for her elderly dad, and had specified in the order that the Instacart worker could simply leave the groceries on her father’s porch and head out. The daughter had explained that her father would get the groceries from there. (And it’s important to note that this is Instacart protocol; workers are not supposed to go into customer’s homes.)

For Jessica Higgs, normal protocol is what she typically followed. But something insider her—what Christians would recognize as the Holy Spirit—wouldn’t let her just put the groceries down and leave.

Jessica explained, “I get there, and something was telling me, no you’ve got to help this man out.”

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And what unfolded after, was how the Instacart worker saved an old man’s life. What she did was life-changing for her and the customer’s family; Jessica explains on her viral TikTok that has had nearly 4 million likes and nearly 200,000 comments, as of today.

The Instacart worker starts her emotional explanation on TikTok with this important catch phrase:

“I just want to start this off by saying, if you see something, say something.”

Watch the story unfold for yourself:

@jessicahiggs3 @Instacart #28DaysOfEucerin #fyp ♬ original sound – Jessica Higgs

As Jessica explains, the man came out and she offered to help him, even though she knew it was against protocol to bring orders inside.

“You’re not supposed to go inside someone’s house, but I used my judgement, and I brought the groceries inside…you’re just supposed to take a picture and leave.”

“I could not just leave.”

Thank God she did listen to what seems like His promptings—not only because of how this Instacart worker saved an old man’s life, but because of how she inspired others to listen to inner promptings, too…

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