Is it Okay to Be Angry at God?

is it okay to be angry at god

Could it be that our sadness over a chemical attack in Syria or hearing that our child has been bullied or having to say goodbye to someone we love reveals something about who we are and how broken our world is?

Could it be that our anger reveals what matters most to us?

Could it be that our joy is a taste of the goodness of God?

Could it be that we need to pay attention to our tears because they are our unspoken prayers?

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Could it be that all of our emotions are ways of allowing us to draw more deeply into God?

When we try to live as if our emotions don’t matter, or we dismiss them because we have judged them to be negative, we miss out on living as the whole people God wants us to be.

Our feelings don’t change who God is or what God has done to make us whole.  But part of being whole means giving our emotions room to breathe, to let them be part of who we are.

So. Go ahead. Tell God how you feel.

This article originally appeared at juliannegilchrist.com and is used by permission.