James Corden Exposes His Dark, Promiscuous Past—& the ONE Prayer That Changed It All

You rarely meet a more genuinely lovable guy than James Corden. From his “Carpool Karaoke” segments that bring out the human side of celebrities to all the other hilarity he brings to The Late Late Show, there’s something about Corden that just makes you wanna be his best friend.

However, what few know is that James Corden wasn’t always the guy we see on CBS today. Several years ago, when he first started to rise to stardom, he struggled to deal with his newfound fame. It’s a trap that many celebs fall into, as the Hollywood culture is famous for dragging the “famous” deep into the pits of despair and poor decision making. However, Corden never thought he would be that guy.

“The person I had become wasn’t the person I wanted to be,” he told the Daily Mail.

He got lost in a world of crazy parties, sleeping around and failed relationships. In an interview with Heat Magazine, he admitted that he was ending up “in beds I’d never slept in before, with girls I’d never met before.” It was a destructive lifestyle pattern that he knew he couldn’t keep up.

“The longer it went on, the emptier my soul felt,” said Corden.

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He was broken. He was tired. He was totally empty. And he knew something had to change.

It was then that his mom and dad, whom he refers to as the “ideal Christians,” came knocking on his door completely unannounced.

In a spiritually defining moment clearly orchestrated by God, Corden explained how the brief but powerful encounter changed him forever.

In a report by The Sun, Corden detailed the vivid turning point:

“They sat on the tiny two-seater sofa and I sat on the floor. We didn’t have any milk.

“I had like half a bottle of vitamin water in the fridge and half a little chocolate bunny.

“I was just talking to the floor really. I felt embarrassment that they were seeing me like this, so embarrassed about so many things—about the way I’d behaved or acted at points over that seven- or eight-month period.

“My dad just stood up and walked across to where I was and he just put his arms round me and said, ‘You’ve just got to get through this, son.’

“I started to cry. Just as you do when your dad hugs you and you are 30. My mum came over and joined us and we sat there. My dad said, ‘I’m going to say a prayer for you. It will be all right, but you can’t carry on like this and only you can decide what happens now.’”

And that was the prayer that transformed everything for James.

“Every tear that left my eyes made me feel a little lighter, he said. Dad said a prayer as he kissed my forehead and Mum joined the hug. I’ve no idea how long we stayed there, but it felt like a lifetime.

“When they left, Dad said, ‘You’ve so much to be thankful for James. I know it’s been a tricky year, but you can’t carry on like this.'”

Suddenly, he began to feel a weight being lifted off of his shoulders. With each tear, his burden was lighter and he knew he had the chance to do life differently. He refused to be defined by his past mistakes.

Today, the James Corden we see is a different man than the rock-bottom, depressed version of himself he described in 2008. He’s a loving husband to his wife, Andrea, and a proud father of his two children, Max and Carey.

Most of all, Corden is forever grateful for the day his parents decided to show up “out of the blue” and say the prayer that would change his life for the better.

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