Jehovah’s Witness Tells Francis Chan “God Doesn’t Listen to Everyone’s Prayers”—So He Hits Them With a Dose of TRUTH Too Powerful to Ignore

At some point or another, we’ve probably all been on the receiving end of a gospel presentation as told by a Jehovah’s witness.

For many of us, it happens at the “most opportune” time—when the dog is barking, all three kids are having the meltdown of the century, and Kraft Macaroni is burning on the stove.

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have the patience for whatever they’re prepared to share with you. Not because I’m a bad person, but because I already know Jesus, I’m committed to my Christian faith, and I’m just not really interested in having a conversation with two strangers who want me to turn from my own beliefs.

What I’ve never thought about is how the only person’s interest I have in mind while getting rid of the solicitors on my porch is my own.

Sure, they want me to turn from my beliefs, but I refuse because I know the Truth. However, they don’t know the Truth, and I’m refusing to share it with them?

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Leave it to renowned megachurch pastor Francis Chan to teach us all a lesson in ministry opportunity.

In a video posted by Without Walls Ministries, Francis Chan talks about a time when he was working in his yard, and two women—Jehovah’s witnesses—approached him.

After asking him if they could share some things about their faith, Chan welcomed the conversation warmly—a much different response than I’ve admittedly ever offered.

They chatted for a while before the pastor asked if he could stop them and share some of the things God has done in his life recently.

“Let me tell you about some answers to prayer that just happened, like last week,” Chan recalls saying to them.

One woman looked at him and said, “God doesn’t listen to everyone’s prayers.” To her surprise, Chan agreed with her. But what he told her next was the response she never saw coming.

That’s when he served up a big pot of Truth and perspective that everyone needs to hear:

How often do we encounter someone who doubts our faith, and questions our beliefs, then respond with EXCITEMENT about the TRUTH of Jesus Christ?

Y’all, Francis Chan walked almost TWO blocks with these women, just to share the good news with them! It’s not because he’s a pastor, and he should. It’s because he knows the overwhelming and contagious excitement that comes from knowing and following Jesus Christ. Many of us know it too! But in our humanness, we shy away from sharing it with those who meet our faith with confusion and criticism.

Following Jesus is a grand adventure! It’s not meant to be hidden or lessened for the sake of another’s feelings.

May we all take a page out of Francis Chan’s book today and look for opportunity to spread that contagious joy. It was never meant to be kept to ourselves.

You never know how God is going to use your joy, your excitement and your testimony to ignite faith and freedom in someone else.

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