Jennifer Hudson Sings for Jesus on Live TV—& Stephen Colbert Can’t. Even. HANDLE. It!!

Singer and actress Jennifer Hudson may have made a household name for herself in Hollywood, but this is one celeb who is dedicated to staying true to her Christian roots.

The multi-platinum Grammy and Oscar-winning artist got her start singing church solos at the age of seven, and she’s showed us time and time again that she has not strayed from her love for Jesus.

Last year, she posted this adorable, white-frock church throwback on Instagram as a reminder to fans that she’s still the same Jennifer.

Train a child in the way they should go and they will never part ! I’m still the same girl

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“Train a child in the way they should go and they will never part! I’m still the same girl,” Hudson captioned the photo.

And just this week, Hudson is back again to remind us all that her Baptist roots run DEEP. In a Late Show segment discussing her new role in the Adam Sandler comedySandy Wexler, Stephen Colbert asked the singer to give him a little taste of her favorite Christian hymn…and boy did she EVER?!

To say this vocal powerhouse hitting high notes for Jesus took Colbert by surprise would be QUITE the understatement…

And he wasn’t the only one shook up by the performance.

Jennifer belted “Talk About a Child” in a voice so strikingly beautiful that she had audience members and YouTubers alike declaring her a “national treasure.”

Check out Jennifer’s electrifying preview of the Christian favorite in the video below.

**Fast-forward to 3:05 to get straight to the GOOD stuff. 😉

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