J.R. Smith Is a 6’6″ 220 lb NBA Star, and He’s About to Cry Like a Baby for a Beautiful Reason

The NBA Finals wrapped up last night and the Cleveland Cavs captured the victory, giving C-Town their first major sports championship since 1964. To put it another way, the last time Cleveland won a major sports championship, Lyndon B. Johnson was president. So it was a long. Time. Coming.

The final game was exactly what you’d want from an NBA matchup—a battle royale with power dunks, nail-biting threes, unbelievable moves (can you say Kyrie).

LeBron James, the MVP, made a spectacular game-saving block in the final minutes that still has people shaking their heads in disbelief. Seriously, how did he get up that high, that quick? Cue conspiracy theories.

However, one of the most tender moments didn’t happen on the court, but in the post-game press conference, when J.R. Smith gave a beautiful tear-filled tribute to his parents.

It’s the perfect way to wrap up an intense series, it’s also a fitting tribute to the power of parenting. Grab a Kleenex before you watch it. You’ve been warned.

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