She Just Gave Birth to a Kid She Never Wanted to Have–Hear How God Saved Her Life Before She Could Take It!

Lacey Sturm is mostly known as former lead singer of a band called Flyleaf. What most people don’t realize is how dark the path was that brought her to the stage she’s on today. When she was just 10 years old she found out that her 3-year-old cousin was beat to death by his step dad. She couldn’t understand why God couldn’t protect a little boy from a strong, angry man. Her mom tried talking to her about God but she’d seen to much evil to have hope, she even said she never wanted to have kids, they’re just “A new person to suffer”.

“I realize now I was actually searching for something that was true. I didn’t find anything solid, anybody’s faith that I saw from the outside,” Sturm said. “In that moment, the day that I had planned to commit suicide, I realized this encounter with God was so much more real than anything that I’d ever heard from anyone.” In 2012 she decided to step down from music to do the unthinkable, she wanted to start a family with her husband. How’d she get from hating God and never wanting kids to quitting the American dream to start a family? “God just rescued me,” Sturm said. “All of the blessings that I’ve seen come out of my life have been from Him just rescuing me. It’s not like from I was this great person; I wasn’t. I just think it’s amazing what He can do with our mess.” The look on her face after she just gave birth to her second son proves that God performs miracles!

There is evil in this world, there’s no question, but because of the cross our hope is stronger and our light is brighter than even the darkest shadow!