Justin Bieber Turns Concert Into a Worship Service With “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”

As most of you have heard by now, Justin Bieber has been trying to turn over a new leaf since the release of his latest album Purpose. He has since become more vocal about his faith as well as how he intends to share it on his pop-star platform.

As he stated in an earlier interview with Complex: “I just wanna honestly live like Jesus. Not be Jesus—I could never.”

For a while, Bieber admits that he lost sight of what was important and what his life was meant for, but now he says he wants his life to be exemplary of Christ.

“Now I’ve found my purpose,” he shared. “Because I do have a platform, and there’s so much I can do for the world and use my music to bring that hope and light.”

During his recent concert for the Purpose tour in Paris, France, Bieber displayed his desire to use his music for God’s glory by playing an acoustic version of the worship song “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.” The surprise performance had fans swaying along with their phone flashlights raised high as Bieber strummed his guitar to the popular hymn.

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A few members of the audience caught the breathtaking display on tape. Check out a one-minute close-up snippet of the performance below:


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