Stroke Leaves Gorgeous 26-Yr-Old With Paralyzed Face—10 Yrs Later, Her Husband Uses Her Testimony to Inspire Others

It was 2008 when Katherine Wolf suffered a massive brain stem stroke that would forever change her life.

At just 26 years old, the wife and brand new mother was not expected to live, much less recover. But nearly 10 years later, Katherine is a living and breathing example of God’s redemptive love and extraordinary miracles.

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Though she relies on a wheelchair to get around, and her face remains permanently paralyzed on one side which impacts her speech and hearing, Katherine and her husband, Jay, are using their testimony to inspire others with the healing powers of hope.

Theirs is not a hope that is found in positive thoughts and Hallmark cards, but as Jay explains, it’s the hope that can only be found in our Savior.

“The hope we desperately cling to with every fiber of our being is the only true hope that heals—hope in Jesus Christ,” Jay writes on the Hope Heals website. “Hope that He will one day mend all broken bodies and broken hearts. Hope that He will create new life and breath-taking beauty out of the ashes of death.  Hope that He will withhold no good thing from us because He loves us that much. This hope has the power to heal us in the place that is most deeply broken, our souls. It enables us to keep swimming, to walk through hell if we must, and to live.”

Drawing from their unfathomable experiences of tragedy and triumph, Katherine and Jay launched a ministry called Hope Heals, which aims to reach people who are desperately searching for hope and foster a cycle of life-giving, hope that has the power to heal.

“We like to think of ourselves as missionaries of hope, messengers who have come a long way to bring the good news that hope in Christ heals our souls.”

Through sharing their story the couple has given hope to others. But they say they’re amazed by the hope they’ve been filled with through the process.

Share their powerful story of hope and healing today!

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