Kidnapped Woman Used Grubhub to Contact NYC Police, Rescued With the Help of Restaurant Workers

Kidnapped Woman Used Grubhub to Contact NYC Police, Rescued With the Help of Restaurant Workers

The police found 32-year-old Royal had been holding the 24-year-old woman captive, and he had been sexually assaulting her.

Royal had met the 24-year-old woman on a dating app months prior to the rescue. Unfortunately, Royal had a history of violence and assault, and the relationship became violent. (Royal has multiple charges, which include sexual abuse, rape, strangulation, and unlawful imprismonment. And he had been charged only days earlier for an attempted sexual assault on a 26-year-old woman. That woman had been able to get away.)

According to sources close to the victim, Royal would not let the kidnapped woman use her cell phone, except to order food. That’s when she got the idea, and the kidnapped woman used Grubhub to reach out for help.

Bermejo explained, “She was basically saying to bring the police with the delivery.”

Facebook users who saw The Chipper Truck’s post, were amazed and happy to hear the story of how the kidnapped woman used Grubhub and the restaurant responded.

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One user commented, “Smart thinking by this business and ultimately the woman.”

Another was happy that the restaurant didn’t ignore the message even though it was somewhat incoherent. She said, “Thank you for taking it seriously and helping her!”

A user familiar with the restaurant joked, “Not all heroes serve taco chips but I’m glad you do.”

But it wasn’t only people on Facebook who thanked The Chipper Truck for how they responded to when the kidnapped woman used Grubhub to ask for help.

Bermejo said the 24-year-old victim’s friend reach out to the restaurant to say thank you.

“They called to thank us and just to be like, ‘thank you so much for helping my friend and just, you know making sure that she was fine,'” explained Bermejo.

Apparently, the friends of the kidnapped woman knew of the relationship, but didn’t know what was occurring since she couldn’t use her phone. Bermejo said the friend told her, “We really had no idea of the gravity of the situation until after everything had happened.”

Watch people involved share about the incident here:

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