WATCH: Kristen Bell Narrates New “Love Anyway” Film—And You Can’t Afford to Miss It

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Not long after the September 11 terrorist attacks of 2001, Jessica and Jeremy Courtney moved to Turkey as missionaries to the predominantly Muslim culture there. But shortly after making the move and gaining a better understanding of conflict zones in the Middle East, the couple felt called to shift to a more humanitarian focus in Iraq.

While the United States ramped up their “preemptive” military efforts against Iraq post-September 11, the Courtneys were compelled to take a different path to peace through displaying “preemptive” love.

“What if we could do the whole thing differently?’ Jeremy questioned in his book Love Anyway regarding this unique approach. “A total rejection of preemptive strikes. No more ‘shoot first, ask questions later.’ What if we could love first and ask questions later?”

The preemptive love philosophy inspired the Courtneys to found their nonprofit organization after its namesake.

The “Preemptive Love Coalition” was founded on the faith that “preemptive love unmakes violence.”

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The couple has now taken their mission to spread their hearts for refugees to new heights with the release of their new film “Love Anyway.”

“There’s a way to heal all that’s tearing us apart, so we can rise together,” the short film’s website states.

Narrated by Kristen Bell, “Love Anyway” gives the public a peek behind “enemy lines” and a window into the all-consuming power that can draw us together rather than divide.

“This isn’t just about foreign war,” says Jeremy. “This is about the violence in our own hearts.”

“We are convinced that we have the most incredible, inspiring, dedicated peacemaking community on the planet,” Preemptive Love Coalition posted on Facebook this weekend. “Because of people like you, who show up to help fast with help that lasts, and because of people like Kristen Bell, who donated her time, talent and passion to narrate our film Love Anyway.”


“Kristen has been a longtime friend, cheerleader, and advocate for our refugee friends. The way she uses her platform for good puts wind in our sails and we’re honored to have her as a part of our Love Anyway team.”

The Courtneys are encouraging you to watch their film and hear Kristen online starting today, September 24th. You can also sign up to host a screening in your own home.

See the trailer for Love Anyway below, and watch the full-length version on their website

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