Little Boy Begs His Mother to Let Him Die…Why She Lets Him Will Show You What Love Really Means

He loved without thinking of himself and with no fear of death.

Chen Xiaotian was diagnosed with a brain tumor at just 5 years old, a tumor that would eventually take his life. Just months later his mother, Zhou Lu, was diagnosed with a life threatening kidney disease. The pain of their story should never be experienced, but then again, without it you’d be missing the beauty of the life that it brings.


The mother-son duo spent two years in and out of hospitals, side by side, fighting for life. Eventually, the tumor caused Chen to not only lose his eye site, but it also left him paralyzed. The doctors also had to let the mother know that she would never live a normal life again because of her kidney condition.


While there wasn’t much they could do for Chen, a kidney transplant could save his mothers life and Chen would be a perfect match. The transplant would take Chen’s life but would save his mothers. Of course, Zhou refused to take her sons kidney.


The 5-year-old begged his mother to take his kidney.


Chen became more ill as his tumor grew. He begged his mother to just let him die and to take his kidney. He wanted to be apart of saving his mothers life.

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Finally, Zhou agreed to take his kidney. The only comfort she felt was knowing that apart of her son was going to live on through her.


Chen passed away on April 2nd. His kidney was then given to his mother. The doctors operating on Chen took a moment of prayer and silence in honor of Chen just before the transplant.


Chen’s kidney not only saved his mother’s life, but the doctors were able to save the lives of two others from other organs that the little boy donated.


In John 15:13 Jesus says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Chen truly lived out selfless love for his mother. What a beautiful way he lived!

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