Watch the Heartening TikToks of Lola Mariaa the Dog and Her Elderly Companion

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A dog named Lola Maria Silva has become famous on TikTok. Why? This special canine friend was gifted to an elderly man by his kids after his wife died, and he’s inadvertently shared their adventures together. Read on to find out why and to see some of these adorable and hilarious videos.

How Lola Maria Silva Became Famous

When an elderly man who refers to himself as JPS lost his wife, his kids found a canine friend to keep him company. They found a black rescue dog called Lola Maria Silva, and felt her energy and sweetness would make her a wonderful companion for their dad.

And she was. Lola Maria and JPS became fast friends, snuggling and playing games.

Check out JPS’s Instagram post about Lola Maria here:


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And when JPS had to undergo cancer treatments, Lola Maria’s presence was even more helpful.

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Since his wife’s death, JPS has married again, but his new wife doesn’t live in the same town as him, so JPS is still alone a lot.

This is where the cameras come in.

Due to the cancer and his living alone, JPS had cameras installed throughout his home so his kids could check in on him and ensure he was safe and well. And it’s those cameras that allowed them to capture the heartening moments between Lola Maria and her owner.

As this TikTok shows, the dog and her owner are as close as can be:

@jps_lolaa.mariaaAmor sincero ❤️

♬ 4 Patas – Alex Fava

JPS even gets some love and attention from Lola Maria in the night:

@jps_lolaa.mariaa♬ som original – emilly.wttss

But that’s not all. The videos record their life in different rooms around the house, and they show them doing everyday activities together and even being silly. Click on to see more fun videos of these dynamic duo.

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