He Lost Everything But His Son & His Faith—Then This Stranger on the Street Approached Him…

When the #GoBeKind Tour made it’s way to Denver, Leon met a man named James who has given up everything to make a life for his son. James wanted to get his little boy out of the New York bustle and into a more peaceful city where he could experience the things in life that he missed growing up.

James is a single father whose world had crumbled around him, and he truly had nothing left but his hope. Until an emotional interaction that changed everything…

After James poured out his heart in painful living color, Leon gave him the surprise of a lifetime. He not only handed him $1,000, but also set him and his son up in a hotel for 7 days.

On top of that, when one woman saw the viral video, it inspired her to start a GoFundMe page for James that has already raised over $45,000 from 1,500 strangers in less than a week.

Ever since James showed up in Denver, he’s experienced miracle after miracle—and he knows it’s God that has been coordinating the random acts of kindness that have come up at most critical times.

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Flooded with gratitude and overwhelmed by the grace of God he’s been shown, James created a heartfelt video thanking supporters for their donations, and more importantly, their prayers.

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