Teen Plans to Kill Himself as He Does Mom’s Chore List—As He Mows the Lawn, He Hears a Voice That Changes Everything


On October 10, 2015, Luke suited up for his team, and as he made his way onto the field, he was taken back to that day he was mowing the lawn. His God showed up today, the same way He did then.

Amidst it all, Luke Keller has reached one final conclusion according to the Portsmouth Daily Times:

“I know God is real. It’s the same feeling I had when I got saved while I was mowing my grass. It’s the same feeling I had when the crowd showed their support that night and gave credit to God. It’s the same feeling I had when I stepped back onto the field against Butler.”

What he was looking for in suicide he actually found in His Savior — the way out of the pain and into peace.

The same God who spoke to him then is still looking out for him now. And He cares about the little things — about the gesture he wasn’t allowed to make without being penalized, the broken ankle and the infection that could cost him his sports career. It may just be another old football game, but Luke knew God cared about how big it was to him.

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So He let him play — and Luke played his heart out that night, once again for the One who made it all possible.

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This story appeared originally in the Portsmouth Daily Times, published with permission.

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