Woman Recognizes “Ugly” Girl in Meme & Calls Out Haters With Epic Facebook Confession


It started out as a really cheap marketing scheme, getting people to tag others to get more views on a product or ad. Now people have turned it into opportunities to humiliate people, people they think are anonymous…until now.

The above meme was making its rounds through the darker part of Facebook, collecting tags and insulting comments until one woman named Kenya Brooke Fowler saw it and recognized the victim in the image. She then shared the photo—but not as a joke, as a lesson, with this powerful message attached to it:

Lizzie Velasquez

That is this young lady’s name.

I don’t post many controversial things but when I logged onto Facebook a few minutes ago I saw seven, SEVEN pictures in seven DIFFERENT posts of ladies who don’t meet society’s definition of pretty; most of these ladies were overweight, some didn’t have many teeth, and then I see this one. When I came across this picture I recognized her, my husband and I were just talking about her the other day. Did you know that this lady’s syndrome is so rare that at first there wasn’t even a name for it? Lizzie was born without body fat and isn’t able to hold any, because of this she has to eat/snack several times a day and has lost sight in one eye. This lady is actually a motivational speaker and was motivated to become one because of the constant bullying she endured growing up; she mentioned that she didn’t want her parents to know she was being bullied so she would hide in the bathroom and cry alone.

Since when did it become ok for us to be so relentlessly cruel? Can you imagine your picture “going viral” because you are different than someone’s definition of pretty? Not many things get to me but this did. Some may say that it’s all in fun and games, but when did making fun of someone’s differences become fun or a game?

Since it was posted, Kenya’s striking words of wisdom have been shared over 63,000 times on Facebook.

Lizzie’s story of being in the spotlight started the day she came across a YouTube video titled “The World’s Ugliest Woman.” She’s not even sure why she clicked on it, but after she did, she realized the video was about her.

From that day forward, she decided to fight the bullying with courage. Here’s a trailer of her life story:

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