If You’re Sending Kids Back to School, Watch This Michael Bublé Video at Your Own Risk—ALL. The. Tears.

forever now

It’s that time of year again, mamas. Backpacks are stuffed with new school supplies, lunches are packed, and that big yellow bus again makes its debut on our curbside. As we wave a teary-eyed goodbye in the driveway, it hits us that our babies are yet another year older, and slowly slipping from childhood into adulthood—even if it is only the fourth grade we’re talking about.

“Don’t blink” has become the choice phrase for encapsulating the mysterious way in which our tiny humans seemingly go from crib-bound to college-bound in a few short moments. And perhaps nothing can capture that feeling quite like Michael Bublé‘s music video for his new song “Forever Now.”

The sappy-song extraordinaire has done it again, this time tugging on the hearts of parents across the globe with a powerful depiction of how childhood unfolds–and disappears, before our very eyes.

Though the video was released in March, Bublé surely intended the endearing track to be the theme song for August–the month where ‘back-to-school’ hits sentimental mamas like a ton of bricks. The 4-minute tear-jerker is giving parents and children alike ALL the feels.

“First child being dropped off at college today, and someone shared this on Facebook,” wrote one YouTube commenter. “This is exactly how life looked like with him, and now I’m overwhelmed.

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Another added, “We’ve just watched a room, but it feels like we watched someone’s life.”

“If anyone ever wants to bawl their eyes out watch this video the night before you go to college,” wrote one girl about to make the transition to campus life herself.

Even non-parents are getting goosebumps from the chillingly accurate ‘coming of age’ portrayal.

“I have no kids, I’m not a father, not married.. but i cried,” admitted a man deeply moved by Bublé’s masterful storytelling.

Watch “Forever Now” (at your own risk) below.
**And be sure to stock up on the Kleenexes first. Your mascara will thank you.

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