Mom Tells Doctors to Inject Drug in Son That Killed 24 Out of 25 Kids—Then Says “Everything’s Gonna Be Ok, Son”


Michael Crossland is a fighter, a believer in miracles, and a defier of odds. After being diagnosed with incurable cancer, doctors told his mom, “There’s no chance of survival. Take your boy home and allow him to live the next few months with his family.”

He was told every day that he would never be able to do anything — play baseball, go to school, live a normal life. Nothing about the doctors’ projections gave Michael any sense of hope for his future.

“I would pray every night that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning,” he admitted. “I just wanted God to take me.”

Michael was given a 96 percent death rate, but that’s not what his mom cared about. She focused on his 4 percent survival rate.

However, her decision-making road surely wasn’t an easy one. A new drug that had yet to be tested on humans came out, and Michael’s mom decided she wanted her son to be part of the trial.

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Twenty-five kids were injected with that drug… and one by one, they died. After the 24th passed away, Michael’s mother was faced with the most terrifying and courageous choice she would ever make.

Watch the video below to see how the rest of Michael’s odd-defying life story pans out, and be sure to share his incredible dose of inspiration with your friends.

Michael Crossland – Live Your Best Life

Confronted with a deadly disease and an even deadlier treatment, Michael Crossland faced death multiple times over and still beat the odds. This is the true story of the bravest man that ever lived.

Speaker: Michael Crossland for WORLDZ

Posted by Goalcast on Friday, May 18, 2018

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