After Son Goes Missing for 29 Years, Dad Commands “Absolute Respect” From Simon With Breathtaking Tribute

They say that “everything happens for a reason.”

While I don’t always believe that to be true, I know for a fact that God works in unbelievable ways to bring good things from even the worst circumstances.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

That’s certainly the case for members of The Missing People Choir.

Each member of the group from the UK has bonded over the heartbreak and unfathomable disappearances of their loved ones. Many have been searching for years for their child or family member who went missing, and never returned.

The choir is full of members, each with their own story of love, loss and most importantly, hope.

The Missing People Choir showcased their talents with a song titled “I Miss You,” before a panel of judges on Britain’s Got Talent. The song was written by choir member, Peter Boxell, whose 15-year-old son went missing from a soccer match in September of 1988. He would be 41 years old now.

For 29 years, Peter has never given up hope that his son might still be alive and “out there” in the world. He’s found solace in sharing his story and bonding with other members over their losses.

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The Missing People Choir’s touching story and powerful song left the judges in tears, the audience roaring in applause, and Simon paying them “absolute respect” for a performance he described as truly “incredible.”

Check out their performance of “I Miss You,” below, and hear for yourself, the inspiring stories of how God took what Satan meant for evil, and made it into something amazing!

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