Mom Bursts Into Tears When She Sees Son With Down Syndrome Get His Homecoming Surprise

Seventeen-year-old Daniel Rivas has Down syndrome.

He’s just like most kids his age, dreaming of college, becoming a chef and doing everything he can to make his mom happy.

Daniel has always dreamed of going to the Homecoming dance at his high school, but was turned down. That’s when Kylie Fronius, a sophomore at Shadow Ridge High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, did something unexpected.

She heard that Daniel was looking for a date to homecoming, and she went out of her way to ask him to the dance!


“Someone took the time to take my son to homecoming,” Daniel’s mother Tonya Rivas said. “Words can’t even describe what I’m feeling right now.”

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Videos of Kylie asking Daniel to homecoming made their way around social media, and eventually got the attention of FOX5 News.

“I don’t think of kids that have disability as being different,” Kylie told FOX5. “I think of them just being a normal person, learning in a different way.”

The news station is known for its “Surpr!se Squad,” which recognizes people in the community doing great things. The Surprise Squad decided to celebrate Kylie and Daniel by making their homecoming night one that they’d never forget.

And boy, did they do just that!


The night started with the teens being picked up for the dance in a Rolls Royce, followed by a fancy dinner, a red carpet entrance to the dance and a few more surprises that we NEVER saw coming.

This wasn’t your average school dance. It was more like an episode of Oprah, and the surprises just kept on coming!

Ultimately though, Kylie didn’t ask Daniel to homecoming to be rewarded or noticed. She’s just a girl with a big heart who wanted to make the night special for her classmate, and it’s an absolutely beautiful thing.

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