“You Have to Catch Him”: Mom Delivers Baby in Emergency Room Hallway With Just One Push

There’s hardly a more beautiful sight to witness than the birth of a child… but not many get that moment captured on camera in such vivid brilliance as this Manhattan, Kansas couple.

Photo credit: Little Leapling Photography 

Tammy Schmit of Little Leapling Photography had the unique opportunity to capture the breathtaking delivery of Maxwell Alexander, who was born on the floor of an emergency room hallway.

“I only remember vividly telling my husband, ‘I’m scared. I don’t know that I’ll know when it’s time,'” recalled Max’s mom. “I started to sway and just tried to get through the contractions.”

Little did she know, the time was NOW.

“We made it just through the doors and Tammy and [Travis] both ran ahead yelling for the nurses, ‘You need to get someone, she’s going to have this baby right now,'” the Kansas mother explained. “I don’t think they understood the urgency.”

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But within seconds, that urgency became glaringly obvious as her knees buckled under the weight of her painful contractions and the dramatic hallway delivery began.

“I said, ‘Travis, this is it. He’s here. You have to catch him.’ And he looked and he realized I was right because I could feel his head crowning with my hand, and he reached in without hesitation… I pushed one time and my body did the rest. And there he was, right there in the emergency room floor. She gently pulled him up to my chest and I just remember my husband putting his hand on my shoulder and eventually grabbing a towel to slide up under my head because he was worried about me being uncomfortable. That man is amazing. He is the best father and the best husband, and I don’t know what I would have done without him that day.

“Tammy stayed by our sides the whole time just clicking away after getting us help. I can not sing her praises enough.”

Photo credit: Little Leapling Photography 

Photo credit: Little Leapling Photography 

Photo credit: Little Leapling Photography 

Photo credit: Little Leapling Photography 

The new mama is most grateful that she will have the rare gift of looking back upon the moment her baby entered this world rather than reliving a hazy memory.

“It was the most empowering thing ever to look back and not have this fuzzy memory of it all, but to see it on film the way it happened. It was beautiful and something that I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life.”

Visit Little Leapling Photography for the full collection of photos, and see more from this miraculous birth story in the video below:

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