Mom Finds Red Blisters on Baby’s Head—After She Rushes Him to the Hospital, She Warns Every Parent About His Diagnosis


“I have had endless amounts of messages asking me about the signs and symptoms of the infection that Ernie had and what it was that made me seek the medical help which led to us being here. So, because of the messages I have received I thought I’d share it publicly.

Ernie didn’t have a temperature, his nappies hadn’t changed, he was feeding as he had been for the two weeks he had been at home. The only indication I had that he wasn’t well was one tiny blister like spot on the back of head, which after being bathed had popped and what can only be described as puss had come away from it, I cleaned the area and re-washed his head/hair just in case it was infectious. Three days later another 4 had appeared and then overnight another 6 had made an appearance, all looking like infected blisters, it was then I decided to contact the doctors as the previous diagnosis that had been given didn’t seem right to me, I was originally told it was Eczema.

Ernie was seen later that day and was instantly rushed to [the] hospital. Three days into our stay we finally had a diagnosis – Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1), sometimes known as a common cold sore, now that doesn’t seem [too] serious does it? Wrong, it is just as deadly as meningitis in babies if not treated straight away because it starts to attack their brain, lungs and other vital organs, resulting in Ernie needing a long line fitted, so the antibiotics can be fed straight into his system.

The pictures attached in this post are what the ‘spots’ on his head looked like.

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So just remember that when being around a newborn, personal hygiene is everything, remember to keep your hands clean, don’t kiss and respect the wishes of parents.”

**This story was written by Rhian Brace and originally appeared on Love What Matters. Used with permission. 

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