Mom’s Hilarious Rant About Kohl’s Is the Most Epic Use of Snapchat Filters the Internet Has Seen

You know that moment when you’re already running late to pick up your kids, but you’re stuck waiting behind a ridiculously frustrating customer in the Kohl’s return line?

Well, Amanda Bell does.

This Michigan mom may have been irritated by the not-so-pleasant retail experience, but the Internet couldn’t be more glad that it happened—for this Christmas shopping nightmare ignited a magnificent montage of Snapchat HILARITY that has now gone big-time viral.

I’ve never witnessed such a glorious use of these filters in my LIFE. Like this chick seriously needs her own Snapchat reality TV show…

Get Into The Christmas Spirit Too funny; her characters are GREAT, she needs a TV show! 🎅🎄😍


Credit: Amanda Bell

Posted by Love What Matters on Tuesday, December 6, 2016

After the video went viral, Kohl’s decided to respond with a little deer-filter humor themselves, admitting that “a simple comment back wouldn’t do.”


Well, your video had us laughing.
And we knew a simple comment back wouldn’t do! #keepinitreal

Posted by Kohl’s on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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