“Right There in the Middle of the Store! I Was in Shock!”: Strange Man in Department Store Stuns Mom by Buying Unexpected Gift She’s Wanted for 5 Years

“I’m thankful for the kindness of a stranger.

Yesterday, my mom, sister, and I went shopping to try and finish up Christmas shopping. If you know me at all, you know I love to insert myself into other’s conversations, EVEN IF THEY ARE COMPLETE STRANGERS!

This drives my sister CrAzY.

We were walking through Von Maur to put some bags in the car. These two men were standing by the UGGS display. I stopped and jokingly said, ‘If you are shopping for your girl, then get her these,’ and pointed to a certain pair.

Then I told them I have been asking for them for five years.

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I laughed and started to walk away. The man said ‘FIVE YEARS?!’ I turned around and laughed some more and said, ‘Yes!’ Then he said, ‘Oh, and you have a baby. (I was wearing Beau in a baby wrap) Wait right there.’

Then he proceeded to go get an associate from the store and BOUGHT THE UGGS FOR ME!!!!! Right there in the middle of the store! I was in shock!

He simply said, ‘Just pay it forward.’

His daughter that was with him told me he grew up an orphan and turned his life into something and he always wants to give to others.

Spread kindness like confetti! I may not be able to surprise someone with UGGS, but I hope I can make someone’s day soon!”

**This post was written by Justen Crumpton and originally appeared on her Facebook page. 

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