This Mom Knew Something Was Wrong When She Saw Her Mouth Droop—But She Was Not Ready for This…


Carissa and Matt Hatfield thought their baby girl Paisley was going to die after they had noticed her mouth was droopy.

As soon as their daughter was born, they knew something was wrong. The Hatfields noticed that Paisley’s left eyelid wouldn’t fully close, and she also had a droop in her mouth on the same side.

“We noticed her eye. When she would cry, her eye would not shut all the way,” said Carissa. “It would stay open, and when she started to smile, the same side of her mouth would not move and was just droopy.”


Their pediatrician recommended that they get a scan, and that’s when they received news that would send chills up any parent’s spine. Paisley had a large mass at the base of her brain.

The doctors at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital scheduled a biopsy for Paisley in order to investigate what they believed to be a life-threatening tumor.

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In the meantime, the Hatfields had their friends and family hit their knees in fervent prayer. Carissa and Matt said they had people across the nation praying for Paisley.

Then, when they took their daughter in for the biopsy, something spectacular happened.

“As soon as [the doctor] came in, he sat down, he was just shaking his head,” said Carissa. “He said, ‘Your prayers must have worked, because when I went in to get that biopsy,’ he said, ‘nothing was there.'”

A statement from the hospital read:

“Doctors at Children’s had expected the worst – a malignant tumor. But when surgeons reached the spot where the suspected tumor was visible on the scan, they found nothing. They couldn’t have been happier to tell the good news to the Hatfield family.”

So could there have been an error in the original scans?

The hospital asserts that is not the case. One of their best radiologists was on Paisley’s case, and such a mistake is practically unheard of.

Her dad Matt summed it up best:

“A man of God like I am, [I’m] just looking for some explanation, but it’s a true miracle, it’s a true healing.”


Overwhelmed with the holiday blessing of answered prayers and a healthy daughter, the Hatfields say the experience has brought a whole new meaning to the “thanks” in Thanksgiving.


Their bright and beautiful Paisley will forever be their Thanksgiving miracle.

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