“I’m Told, ‘You Should Get Up Before Your Kids.’ I’ve Tried It Your Way, But I’m a Night Owl”: Mom Says Night Owls Are ‘Just as Valuable’

night owl

“People who get up early are more successful.

“You should get up before your kids.”

“Don’t start the day too late. You’ll regret it.”

That all sounds reallyyyyyy great in theory,

but I’m a night owl.

My body is hardwired to ignore its physical exhaustion

and my brain functions best around 10 p.m.

That’s when my house gets clean. That’s when my lists get made. That’s when I have alllll my ‘bright’ ideas.

I’ve tried it your way. I really have.

I’ve set alarms for 5 a.m.

And on the rare occasion I didn’t snooze them 10 times, I still wasn’t productive.

I get that you use this time to prepare or run or do whatever you do to pep you up,

but when I find myself up before the sun,

all I want to do is cry and stare at the wall and go back to sleep.

I can prepare for the day just as well past midnight.

The prayer line to heaven is just as clear after dark.

Coffee tastes just as good when I’m sipping from a travel mug in the car.

What my kids lack in a cheerful morning mom, they gain in the afternoon-mama-who’s-hit-her-stride.

Night owls— you are my people. We can not be changed. We are just as productive. We are just as valuable. And I don’t know who needs to hear this, but

it’s totally acceptable to cook tacos or rearrange furniture at midnight.

**This post was written by Whitney Ballard of Trains and Tantrums and originally appeared on her Facebook page

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