Mom Punishes Son With ‘Electronics Detox.’ His “Miraculous” Transformation Will Make You Try It Too.


So it’s clearly no parenting secret that screen time is the alleged enemy of 2019.

With scientific studies likening it to heroin addiction and doctors linking it to all sorts of behavioral problems, we’re all pretty well aware at this point that electronics, while not inherently evil, need to have their limited time and place.

But have you ever got to see the results of your own kids on an “electronics detox” for yourself?

According to author Susannah B. Lewis, it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Few can drop wisdom as real and raw as this southern mama, affectionately known by fans as Whoa Susannah. 

After her 8-year-old son got in trouble, Lewis decided to ground him from electronics indefinitely and to her sheer horror, the response was catastrophic. As her son screamed in a furious fit of rage, the disheartened mother noticed he looked nothing like the sweet boy she once knew.

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“It scared me to the point of tears,” she shared.

But what happened in the days that followed was so utterly “miraculous,” she just couldn’t keep quiet about it.

“We are only on day 8 of no electronics, and I am so amazed at what I’ve seen that I am on fire to share it with the world,” said Lewis.

Even 15 days into the detox when her son was allowed back on the Ps4 and iPad, she explained that he had a peaceful sort of detachment from the devices he was once glued to. He didn’t even throw a fit anymore when she said his screen time was up!

After reading Lewis’ viral Facebook post below, you might just consider your own electronics detox!:

“Last week, The Boy (age eight) got in trouble and my husband and I decided, as his punishment, to take away all of his electronics for an undetermined amount of time. No iPod. No Ps4. And he flew into a fit of rage. In his anger, he even said some horribly disrespectful things to my husband and me. When I looked at him, screaming like a lunatic, he didn’t look anything like my sweet little boy. He wasn’t himself. It scared me to the point of tears.

He’s always loved video games- ever since I handed him an iPad at age 3 to keep him quiet on long road trips. I just didn’t realize how addicted he was to them until my husband locked away every gaming console in the house .

It’s my fault. I know it is. I haven’t stuck to screen time limits. I’ve caved and let him play because I was busy. I’ve sent him upstairs to his Ps4 so I could finish writing. I’m not blaming anyone but myself.

We are only on day 8 of no electronics, and I am so amazed at what I’ve seen that I am on fire to share it with the world. I figured The Boy might show some change without an iPod in his hand, but I had no idea the dramatic improvement that would take place.

Because my son was so inattentive at times, I seriously thought he should be tested for ADD. I’ve talked with many friends about this. ‘He doesn’t hear a word I say,’ I’ve complained. ‘I tell him to put on his shoes or brush his teeth and fifteen minutes later, he’s just sitting in his room without shoes on and breath that smells like Post Malone’s armpit.’

Without access to any devices, my son is attentive. I ask him to do something one time and it’s done. He’s not preoccupied with thoughts of gaming or too busy searching for his iPod or even so enthralled with a game that he has blocked out my voice.

He is happier. He is kinder to his sister. He goes outside to play without me suggesting he do so. He hasn’t had a single fit of anger. He reads books or draws when he’s bored, and he loves it. His teacher said he’s more attentive. He hasn’t woken up late for school one time. He talks more. He looks out the window when we’re in the car and asks questions about trees and clouds and cows. I’ve never been so happy to play ‘I Spy’ in my life.

He’s different.

I am not an idiot. I have always known too much gaming is a bad thing, but I had no idea it was the reason for so much of his misbehavior. It’s as if these last 8-10 months, he’s been brainwashed- brainwashed with thoughts of Fortnite and Minecraft and Aliens Vs. Zombies and Roblox.

I’ve put my phone away, too. I don’t want him to see me glued to mine after I’ve told him he’s on his entirely too much. And I’ve had the sweetest conversations and periods of quality time with this precious boy of mine.

In Philippians, we are instructed to think on what is noble, pure and lovely. I never thought of this verse in terms of gaming, but my son’s little brain hasn’t been thinking on lovely things. He’s only been thinking about blasting enemies and leveling up. His mind was a garbage dump and what went in his mind came out of him- out of his mouth and in the way of his attitude and actions.

With such improvements as these, I don’t want to give the Ps4 or iPod back. I want to smash them with a bat the way they smashed the printer in Office Space.

Maybe that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

**This Facebook post originally appeared on Whoa Susannah’s page. For more great stories, “like” her on Facebook here.

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