Mom Thinks Dad Is Studying—When She Walks in on Him With Their Daughter, She’s Knocked Breathless

A father-daughter bond is an unbreakable promise. One that holds respect, sets the standard, and is covered in love and truth.

That’s just the kind of relationship that Ruth Holmes’ daughter has with her dad.

In a beautiful Facebook post, Ruth explains how her husband, Joseph, was preparing for a huge exam—or so she thought.

“I thought he was studying,” she writes, “but instead, this is what I walked into.”

Ruth Holmes

“Earlier today, he promised our daughter that he would paint her nails. He went to the store and picked a color for her.”

Ruth says even though Joseph has been busy cramming for a test, he still took the time to show his daughter the love and respect she deserves, while also making good on his promise to her.

“Here he is, taking a little break from all the crazy, just so he can keep his promise to our daughter.”

Touched by the beautiful scene she walked in on, Ruth says Joseph is teaching their little girl so many valuable lessons, simply by taking the time to paint her nails.

“Not only is he teaching her that keeping your promise is important, but so is making time for family.”

It’s tender moments like this that raise up a strong and kind young woman. One who’s confident in her endeavors, and understands respect, because it’s been shown to her.

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Ruth closes by expressing how special the moment was for her, being able to see the father-daughter bond that takes priority in Joseph’s life unfold right before her eyes.

She praises her husband for being an “AMAZING father,” and says it’s the things he does for both of his leading ladies that make her fall in love more and more every day.

Isn’t that the kind of love we all want for our daughters?

All the praise to you Joseph, for showing your “little princess” exactly how she’s supposed to be treated.

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