Mom’s Chronic Migraines Suddenly Stop—That’s When She Decided to Take a Home Pregnancy Test

Kate C. Thompson has suffered from excruciating hemiplegic migraines since she was only 14 years old. This rare condition can be accompanied by temporary weakness (or paralysis) of the body as well as a host of other neurological complications.

As time progressed, Kate’s condition only worsened. A decade later, the debilitating migraines that she once experienced monthly became a chronic disturbance, hindering everything in her daily life. The pain was so intense that Kate could hardly work or function at all. From Botox and diet changes to nerve blocks and narcotics, nothing could alleviate the mind-numbing headaches.

Though medication was eventually able to dull the pain just enough to allow her to work, it was no way of life. While I’ve only experienced one severe migraine in my lifetime, I have to attest that I’d personally prefer to have a power tool drilled through my temples. I can’t even IMAGINE enduring such torture every single day!

After dozens of treatments, Kate and her husband were doubtful she would ever be able to live normally again.

However, about two years ago, doctors offered up a new and unexpected idea for treatment: pregnancy.

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“They predicted that the hormones from a pregnancy could act as a ‘reset’ for my body,” said Kate. “That it may stop the migraines completely. My husband and I were leery of course. They wouldn’t do a hormone treatment to mimic pregnancy, they wanted us to simply roll the dice.”

While it seemed risky, the couple knew they had no other option to heal Kate’s chronic illness—and they always wanted a family someday.

Then, just two days before Christmas last year, Kate’s pain completely stopped all of a sudden. Having experienced relentless pain nearly every day for the last several years, Kate was totally in SHOCK.

She shared her miracle story’s sequence of events in a Facebook post by Love What Matters:

A week later I called my friend on my lunch break and told her I didn’t know what was “wrong”. I wasn’t in pain. I hadn’t been in pain. Her response was simple “I bet you’re pregnant.” I took a home pregnancy test and sure enough I was.

At the first appointment the doctor gave us another surprise, twins. At seven months pregnant and still pain free the doctor gave us more good news, I probably wouldn’t have another migraine again.
On my birthday this year I underwent a c-section and delivered two healthy and wonderful baby girls. Two months post partum and I am STILL pain free.

My husband and I started calling our girls “magical unicorn babies” while in utero. They gave me my life back. I no longer need a wheelchair for activities outside my home. I no longer have painful twitches in my arms, legs and head. My service dogs, who once were ready to catch me if I fell are now finding themselves with a lot of free time.

While Kate had only 13 pain-free days over the last three years, next week, she will reach the milestone of 300 DAYS without migraines.

Kate is eternally grateful for the heaven-sent “magical unicorn babies” that have restored her joy in life, and now her story is inspiring thousands of other moms around the world. Read her Facebook post in full below, which has already been liked 73,000 times and shared nearly 5,000 times in less than 24 hours:

“Starting at age fourteen I was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines. These are migraines which come with paralysis and…

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, October 10, 2016

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