Mom’s Photo of Daughters Praying Gets Over 120,000 Shares in the First Week


“We gave the girls their breakfast came back to give them their milk and caught them praying 😇😇 #weare definitely doing something right. This may not be a twerk video, this is something worth sharing to the world if kids see no color and are able to pray together so should we.” 😇😇

You teach your kids everything you can, and some days you get to see glimpses of moments where you realize they’re listening. Other days it feels like you’re herding “me” monsters who forget you exist for anything beyond providing food and dictatorship.

For Rutha Andrew, she was having one of those days where she turned the corner to catch what we used to call a Kodak moment. Her daughters and niece were holding hands praying before their breakfast. Luckily, with modern technology the parents were able to capture the moment in a photo that they later shared on Facebook.

The post has been shared and liked almost 250,000 times just from her personal page. Some days parenting can feel like you’re just trying to keep the kids alive. Then there are moments like this that make you believe you must be doing something right and look at the impact one photo has had over the world in the past week.

For every parent out there, don’t give up, you have no idea the impact you’re making when you don’t think your child is looking. These three kids were just following what they’d been shown.


Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6