Watch a Former Atheist Tell About His Near Death Experience That Changed His Life

near death experience

The former atheist recalls, “I’ve never told anybody what I actually prayed because it was very crude…but they were sincere.”

As Storm recalls the near death experience, “the more I mentioned God, the more [the people in hell] were screaming at me to stop, but the important thing was, they kept retreating back in the darkness because they could not bear any mention of God.”

Eventually the people left him alone and he reflected on his life. Although, he first went into despair, he eventually remembered his experience as a child in church.

Remembering how he’d went to Jesus as a child, he said this prayer, “Jesus, please save me.”

After he said the prayer, he felt Jesus come to him and take him to Heaven.

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Watch Storm tell his story here:

Storm’s experience in heaven was amazing, and he didn’t want to come back, but Jesus sent him back.

“The next morning when I woke up from the surgery,” Storm shared. “I knew that the most important thing in my life had happened to me and that I was going to have to remake myself.”

That was nearly 40 years ago, and since then, he’s been sharing the love of Jesus with the world. He said, “To be loving toward those who attack you and do not share your same values is a life-long journey, he added, but Heaven is the final destination.”

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