Newborn Stabbed 14 Times & Buried Alive by Tree—Then the Doctors Realize the Soil Saved His Life

Babies are some of the most fragile and beautiful little creatures that God blesses this world with. They’re also some of the most resilient.

Baby Aidin has been fighting for his life since the day he took his first breath. The baby boy—who was born in Thailand—was found in February, but not resting peacefully in his mother’s arms like you’d expect.


He’d been dumped face-down in an eight-inch grave in Khon Kaen Province just days after making his grand entrance into the world.

A cattle herder, Kachit Krongyut noticed a tiny foot sticking out of the ground under a eucalyptus tree.


“At first, I thought someone buried their pets alive,” Krongyut said, “but then I saw a foot.”

She then heard the infant crying and frantically dug up the soil beneath the tree, only to find a terribly injured baby who had suffered 14 horrific knife wounds to his tiny body before being left for dead.


Aidin was rushed to the hospital where doctors said that the pressure from the soil around him actually saved his life—it prevented the baby boy from bleeding to death in the grave.

The very substance that was intended to suffocate and kill him actually preserved his precious little life, by the glory of God.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” —Genesis 50:20

He was nursed back to health at a local hospital before being transferred to an orphanage where he received further care and lots of love.


Now, just a few months since the horrific events following his birth, Aidin has been adopted by a sweet couple in Sweden. He will be headed to his forever home once all of the paperwork is finalized.

Doctors believe that Aidin may have been abused by his 42-year-old mother. She was tracked down by police through footprints and motorbike tracks found at the scene of Aidin’s burial. She has been charged with attempted murder and abandonment.

Praise God for sparing this precious baby boy’s life and getting him safely into the arms of a family who will love, protect and nurture him the way every child deserves.

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