Bully Sends Harsh Email to “Fat” News Anchor, So She Brings the Heat Right Back—On Live TV

Jennifer Livingston is a news anchor for WKBT News 8. She is also overweight. She also knows that.

However, one anonymous stranger decided to take it upon himself to write her an email that enlightened her to her obesity and how it makes her an “unsuitable example” for the young people in their community. The email was guised as a call to “community responsibility,” but the politely cutting remarks certainly didn’t come off that way to Jennifer’s colleagues or her husband.

“The truth is I am overweight. You could call me fat, and yes even obese on a doctor’s chart,” said Jennifer. “But to the person who wrote me that letter, do you think I don’t know that, that your cruel words are pointing out something that I don’t see? You don’t know me.”

Having received a “healthy dose of critiques” in her line of media work, she was prepared to shake it off—but instead, she decided to do something so much better: send out a message for bullied kids who may not have the “thick skin” she does or the voice to stick up for themselves.

Watch as this news anchor uses the hurtful message aimed at her to project a powerful message of self-worth to the masses on live television. It’s pretty darn amazing!