Mom Buys Baby a Coffin After Doctors Tell Her to Abort Her Son 5 Times—3 Yrs Later, He Proves Everyone Wrong

Before Noah Wall was born, doctors predicted he wouldn’t survive. They believed if he did, he would be severely disabled both physically and developmentally.

Noah’s parents, Shelly and Rob Wall, were advised on five separate occasions to abort their son. They refused, and when he was born with only two percent of his brain, Noah’s chances of survival were slim-to-none.


In utero, Noah had developed a rare complication that caused his skull to fill with fluid, which ultimately crushed his brain into a “thin sliver of tissue.” Immediately after birth, a shunt was placed in Noah’s back to drain the fluid from his brain.

Preparing for the worst, Shelly and Rob picked out a coffin for their newborn son. But they never stopped believing that he was anything less than a precious gift. They were able to take him home where family surrounded them with love and constant support.

That’s when a miracle began to form.

Noah’s brain began to GROW. And since then, it’s never stopped!

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At three years old, the boy who survived had a brain scan showing that his brain had expanded to 80 percent of a normal brain! The child who doctors encouraged Shelly and Rob to abort had not only survived, but he had thrived.


Noah, whose brain functions remarkably, is full of smiles and giggles. He shows empathy and love, and is learning to read and write. His brain continues to develop, and the 3-year-old knows how to count, and will even be attending school! His parents believe he may even be able to walk one day.


“I was planning his funeral while I was pregnant—I could never have imagined this incredible day would come,” said Shelley.

“Noah will show us exactly what he’s capable of and just what he wants to do in life. He’s so determined and we’re so proud.”

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