“It Is Not a Tragedy”: John Piper Drops a Truth Bomb After 2 Women Drive Off Cliff & Die Instantly

john piper

“It is not a tragedy.”

Those are not five words one would expect to hear after two female missionaries serving in Cameroon fly off the edge of a cliff to their instant death.

But, then again, John Piper is not the type of preacher to deliver the “expected.”

Instead, he delivers the Truth — a much more needed antidote for our culture of comfort and complacency.

For unbelievers, it makes all kinds of sense why we’d equate death to being the greatest tragedy. But as Christians promised eternity, we desperately need a refreshed perspective on the true meaning of tragedy, and the meaning of life overall for that matter.

Watch as John Piper delivers a bold 7-minute message that MAY shake up your theology a bit — but I promise, it’s worth it. 

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Kelsey Straeter
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