6 NYPD Officers Act as Pallbearers for Abandoned Baby Found Dead on Roadside: “It’s Crazy. Shocking and Disheartening.”


A premature baby born at only 20 weeks was discovered by a passerby in Brooklyn across the street from a junior high school, according to authorities.

“It’s crazy. It’s unbelievable. Shocking and disheartening,” witness Veronica Sexton told the New York Post. “I came in and told my mother, there is a bag with bloody clothes, I’m gonna call the cops, it doesn’t look right. She came outside to look at it and she said to just leave it.”

Orlando Redi, another passerby who spotted the infant, said he first found the body at around 5 a.m. while out for a morning walk.

“There was no blood around it, so she didn’t have it there,” said Reid. “It’s a sad case. I wish whoever the woman that did it, did it differently. Hopefully, the person whose child it is gets help.”

While the discovery was tragic, a group of kind-hearted NYPD police officers have given the story a redemptive twist by giving the premature baby a respectable burial—in the very state that has been under fire for its new late-term abortion law.

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Six NYPD officers acted as pallbearers for the deceased infant named “Baby Monica” at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

“A 20-weeks fetus found discarded on a Brooklyn street received a proper funeral on Saturday,” tweeted pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha. “At the funeral the baby had 6 pallbearers who are NYPD police officers. Note that at 20weeks it is perfectly legal to abort & throw this baby into medical waste bin.”

The funeral arrangements were orchestrated by Life Center of New York, a pro-life organization that helps women in crisis.

“We were moved to do something for this baby,” said Life Center’s executive director. “We called the police department and asked them if they could assist us and accompany us. And the church so generously said they would do a mass for us.”

“We want to show that there are people out here that care for life and respect life,” he added. “That’s basically what we want to do. We want to give her the dignity that she should have in death, that she didn’t have.”

Baby Monica was placed to rest at Resurrection Cemetery in a ‘guardian angel’ plot reserved for deceased babies who have been abandoned.

In a petition on their website, Life Center asked the public to pray for Baby Monica’s mother, and other moms who have been in her shoes.

The statement read: “Please remember to pray for Baby Monica’s mother who, like Baby Monica and countless others, is a victim of the culture of death that has darkened our city, state and nation.”

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