WATCH: Passenger Heroically Lands Plane After Pilot Falls Unconscious

passenger lands a plane

The Response to the Harrison’s Heroic Act

The Instagram post went viral, and has received more than 815,000 likes and numerous comments.

Instagram user, Meg Brothers was the first to comment on the goodnews_movement post saying, “Incredible composure. Both of them. Wow.”

Some people asked for more of the conversation to be posted. Others wondered how Harrison remained so calm or were just relieved thinking about the situation.

One commenter suggested the industry give Harrison a job. “Give this guy a job! Performs extremely well under pressure,” zinkj2 said.

“No one’s going to believe him at work tomorrow,” commented Instagram user, iandkilpatrick.

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Talujay made a joke. “Phew talk about learning on the fly!” she said.

Pointing out that air traffic controllers are licensed flight instructors, Instagram user sherry_garceau explains why the passenger lands a plane so seemlessly, despite having no experience whatsoever. She says, “Thankfully the air traffic controller is a licensed flight instructor. I’m sure that came in handy with giving the passenger instructions. I would be freaking out if I was the passenger.”

Want more? Watch the Today Show’s interview of Harrison on YouTube:

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