Pastor “Lights Up Like a Christmas Tree” With Cancer—Then He Sees This Bracelet on a Curb …

As the pastor of the Federated Church of Bondurant in Iowa, Jeff Sanderson is known as a great man of God, but it wasn’t until death was staring him in the face that his faith was really put to the test.

He started to experience excruciating pain in his lower back, and as the stinging persisted, he decided he should get it checked out. His doctor told him that he had an enlarged prostate and abnormal PSA levels. Jeff was then sent to a urologist who initially found nothing wrong, but after the biopsy results came back, the pastor got chilling news that was enough to make even a man of faith shudder: He had “The Big C.”

“I have some bad news,” the urologist said hesitantly. “You have prostate cancer and it’s the most aggressive form.”

Realizing he only had 12 to 14 months to live, the pastor was thrown into a whirlwind of emotion. At the time, he didn’t even think to ask for healing. His only request of God was to keep him looking healthy during his time left so that his kids and wife wouldn’t have to worry about him.

He was sent to the Mayo Clinic for further evaluation, and that’s when he saw the deadly diagnosis come to life before his very eyes.

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“My body was lit up like a Christmas tree,” he told God Updates. “I was absolutely filled with cancer, from my knees to the top of my shoulder blades.”

The doctors tried to break the news softly, but Jeff and his family could clearly see that the scan meant his days left on this earth were few. He had tumors on his femur bones, hip bones, ribs, tail bone, abdomen, vertebra and more. The cancer had literally infected his whole body.

Jeff hesitantly shared the information with his congregation, feeling like it was the right move to make—but little did he know, his news would ignite a chain of prayer warriors to petition the Lord on his behalf. He started to get calls from total strangers saying they were praying for a miraculous healing.

One afternoon after one of his tumor check-ups, Jeff and his wife Kathy decided to get lunch at a local eatery. As they walked into the restaurant, something by the curb captured Jeff’s attention. It was a bracelet that read “FAITH Rx.”

“In that very moment, we knew that God was reminding us to put our faith in Him. And as I put the bracelet on my wrist, I knew that however things went, the Lord would make a way for my family and I to get through the storm,” Jeff told God Updates.

The next time he went in for his scans, Jeff could hardly believe his eyes! They were dreading the inevitable progression of his cancer, but when he looked at the screen, he was utterly SPEECHLESS.

“Where’s my cancer?” he asked.

The doctor replied, “You don’t have any!”

Jeff was knocked to his knees at the unbelievable sound of those four words. The cancer that once consumed every inch of his body had been unexplainably eradicated. The doctors were dumbfounded! They had never seen somebody walk in with Stage 4 cancer and walk out a perfectly healthy man.

What’s even more mind-blowing is that at his next weigh-in two days later, he was 12 pounds lighter. He even had to go out and buy new pants that same day. “The Lord had removed 12 pounds of cancer from my body!” Jeff told God Updates.

Almost a year after the divine healing, Jeff is doing better than ever, and more importantly, his relationship with the Lord has grown even deeper. Sometimes even pastors need a reminder that the only prescription you need is faith.

“One day we will stand before the Lord and He will scan our lives,” he shared. “While we are fully aware of the cancer of sin within us, the Lord will choose, by His grace and forgiveness, to declare all who put their faith and trust in Him to be CANCER FREE! Now that will be the greatest miracle of all!”