Cop Stops Woman Going 45 in a 35—When He Sees Her Mom in the Car, He Gets a Different Idea…

When Deputy Matthew Brakeman pulled over RaeAnn Kuykendall in Hayden, Idaho, for speeding earlier this month, he was prepared to issue her a ticket on the spot. But when he saw her mom in the passenger seat and learned where the mother-daughter duo was headed, he had to go back to his car to reconsider what these people needed perhaps more than a ticket: prayer.

Watch as Deputy Brakeman details the heartwarming encounter that left both women in tears.


RaeAnn was so touched by the prayer that she shared the below message on Facebook, and now the praiseworthy act is circling the web:


Brakeman lost his own mother to cancer and says he knows the feeling—and it’s not one that can be resolved by a speeding ticket.

“There’s the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, and these particular folks, I don’t think they were violating the spirit of the law, they were violating the letter,” said Brakeman. “I think they needed some love. We all do.”

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