Deaf 3-Year-Old Who Went Viral for “Pootergirl” Costume Has 2 Words for America

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s POOTERGIRL!


That’s right. When 3-year-old Kaylieann was given 3 outfit choices by her dad for Picture Day at preschool, she was NOT impressed with his selection. The only fashion statement she was willing to make involved a cape and a capital “S.”

To most of us, that would obviously be pronounced “Superman,” but Kaylieann is 75% deaf in both ears and thus cannot hear her S’s. So to her, Superman is “Pooterman” and Supergirl is “Pootergirl.” So stinkin’ cute!!

Her dad, Austin Steinbach, posted his toddler’s school picture to Reddit a couple days ago, and it has since EXPLODED all over the Internet. The Steinbach family is completely taken aback by all of the attention and support they’re getting from the deaf community, but they also couldn’t be more grateful for it.

Now that the whole country knows her name, Kaylieann has got 2 adorable words for all the strangers who have been cheering her on. Check out the quick video clip below to hear her AH-dorable message!

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And if you think this costume to school is a one-time occurrence, you’d be mistaken. Kaylieann may have went insta-famous for her Picture Day outfit, but she looks just as superhero fabulous every other day of the year too!

Check out some of her other spunky get-ups below!









Photo credit: Austin Steinbach

Make sure to check out the original story on Pootergirl in the link below!

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Daughter’s “Pootergirl” Costume for Picture Day Goes Viral After She Rejects Dad’s Outfit Choices