Postal Worker Saves 6-Year-Old Girl in a Car After Her Mom Had Passed Out From a Fentanyl Overdose

postal worker saved a 6-year-old

What USPS mail carrier, Andrew Russell, humbly calls, “just the right place at the right time,” many are calling a heroic act. On a normal day, this postal worker saved a 6-year-old girl after her mom had passed out from a fentanyl overdose.

How the Postal Worker Saved a 6-Year-Old

July 16, 2022 was an ordinary day turned extraordinary when Russell became the hero of the day because the postal worker saved a 6-year-old child in distress.

Russell was walking his regular USPS mail route in Wheat Ridge, Colorado when he heard the desperate cries of a child coming from inside a car.

“I noticed a car was pulled off on the side of the road,” recalled Russell. “There was a funny noise, almost like an engine was revving.”

Russell explained, “What really caught my attention was hearing a child’s voice,” calling the child’s cries “hysterical.”

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“Any time I hear a child’s voice that sounds anything like that, it’s pretty immediate.”

Following the sound of the cries to the car that was parked but in idle, Russell saw a woman passed out over her steering wheel, as well as the young girl.

“There was a child in the backseat that was yelling,” Russell said.

According to Russell, the distressed 6-year-old was yelling “my mommy’s dead.”

“Immediately ran over there and dropped my mail in this lady’s front yard,” Russell said, explaining his reaction to the scene.

Russell had empathy for the child, saying, “Her mommy wasn’t moving. So, of course, the child was obviously very freaked out.”

Continuing on about how this postal worker saved a 6-year-old, he said, “make sure the kids was out of the back seat first and then checked on the mom.”

Russell also called 911.

Watch Russell talk about that day on YouTube:

Interestingly, Russell hadn’t been at the job for that long. At the time of his Denver Fox 31 interview, he’d been doing the route for seven weeks.

And some might say it’s a God thing he was on that particular route.

“It hit a chord in a lot of different ways,” shared Russell, reflecting on the moment. “I have a little girl of my own, so it definitely hit a chord that way. She said thank you a couple times and yeah, it meant the world to me that she was just okay.”

Wondering about the mom?

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