The Secret Hiding in This Doll Box Has Made 33 Million People UGLY Cry in Just 5 Days

A Texas tween got the surprise of her life earlier this week, and it’s going viral and touching hearts ALL across the country! It’s easy to see why…

Emma Bennett’s mom, Courtney, posted a video on Facebook of Emma receiving an American Girl doll on her Facebook page yesterday and it’s had hundreds of thousands of views because of Emma’s emotional reaction. Sure, a LOT of little girls lose their minds over an American Girl, but this was no ordinary AG! Emma was shocked and THRILLED to realize that her new doll had a prosthetic leg—JUST like Emma!

With the help of A Step Ahead Prosthetics, Emma’s parents were able to get the American Girl Doll modified and, as the letter that came with her said, ready to live “a life without limitations” thanks to her pink prosthetic leg.

Toy companies, listen up! If Emma’s amazing reaction to getting a doll JUST like her doesn’t make you get on the stick and start manufacturing toys that kids with disabilities can identify with, then I don’t think you have a SOUL!

This is the BEST thing I’ve seen all week! Make sure and share Emma’s story on Facebook so we can spread the word about making toys that kids with all abilities can feel GREAT about.

Congratulations, Emma!

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