Dad Hits Snooze & Dozes Off—When He’s Jolted Awake by a Horrifying Sound in the Bathroom, He Knows It Was God

As strong thunderstorms swept through Austin, Indiana, on Tuesday evening, the heavy wind and commotion of weather kept Raymond Bowling from getting a good night’s sleep. There were 24 tornadoes reported in the area.

When 5:30 a.m. rolled around on Wednesday morning, Raymond deviated from his usual routine and hit the snooze alarm—hoping another nine minutes would make up for the restless night.

“I’m a creature of habit, always,” Raymond told CBS News. “I never ever do that, but this morning I dozed back off.”


They say God works in mysterious ways. On Wednesday, Raymond experienced that to be unbelievably true.

Minutes after hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep, Raymond was jolted awake by a huge crashing noise—it definitely wasn’t the snooze alarm.

He jumped out of bed and searched for anything that may have fallen, before walking into the bathroom to investigate further. With a flip of the switch, he found the source, and immediately realized how incredibly God had intervened that morning.

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Coming through the ceiling in his bathroom was a tree limb that fell from the 40-foot-tall pin oak tree that towers over Raymond’s home.

He posted the view on Facebook saying:


“I actually stood up to start getting ready for work but decided to let the snooze go off one more time. Laid back down and this happened just minutes afterwards. Good Lord was looking out for me for sure.”

Raymond knows that hitting snooze was no coincidence, and God was on his side.

“If I had got up at that second, didn’t hit snooze and went to the bathroom, I would have been standing right in that spot brushing my teeth. It was like divine intervention.”

The branch has since been removed by a contractor, and the roof is patched up until it can be repaired later this week. Raymond is just glad that he and his 15-year-old son are both safe and alive.

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