After the Scandalous “Tinder Olympics,” Team USA’s Final 5 Goes Against the Grain in Their Downtime

The Olympic Village has gotten quite a notorious rep for being a sex-crazed culture. In fact, Sochi was coined “The Tinder Olympics” since so many athletes used the app to hook up. According to Team USA swimmer Ryan Lochte, “75 percent of Olympians” in the village are having sex.

Sadly, Rio has now officially set a world record for the number of condoms stocked at the games: 450,000.

Yes, you read that right. Almost a half million condoms for 10,500 Olympians. If your mind = BLOWN, we’re on the same page. That’s more than three times the amount at the London games.

But on top of setting an outstanding example in the gym, Team USA is doing the same in their downtime. Instead of succumbing to the scandalous culture brewing amidst 11,000 of the world’s most fit, beautiful people, their “night life” looks a little different than the rest—and we totally love it!


After dominating in the all-around and taking home the team gold, the Final Five are continuing to show the world how it’s done with some “squad goals” worthy of note.

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Many veteran Olympians (including Aly Raisman) who have been to the games before, say their one regret is not having more fun in the process. Amidst the pressures of perfecting their sport on the world’s biggest platform, it can be difficult to smell the roses along the way.

So Aly, Gabby, Simone, Laurie and Maddie are making sure they don’t miss the good times in their quest to conquer in gymnastics. But instead of indulging in what 75 percent of their peers are doing, they’re soaking up some classy, clean fun.

Check out what Team USA’s Final Five have been doing during their adventures in Rio outside the gym:


Nothing like a little late-night beauty pampering to get the party started! 


Photobooth besties rocking Rio with goofy props and gold-worthy smiles.

t9And they tried out a few other sports along the way—from ping pong…


to foosball…but after mediocre performances, they decided gymnastics is still what they do best. 


“@simonebilesthe difference in the amount of tape we need for the Olympics cracks me up • Me (1) vs @alyraisman (?) haha”

Simone and Aly comparing the amount of tape they need for the games.


Using the Olympic rings as a makeshift jungle gym. 


Encouraging each other with sweet notes after their big wins. 


And of course, team selfies for DAYS… 


And best of all, embracing the sun on their faces and the beautiful journey along the way! 

These ladies deserve the gold in the team all-around in more ways than one for their world-class example set both inside and outside the gym. In a sex-obsessed world filled with smut, we couldn’t ask for better role models for our daughters to look up to.

Congrats on conquering Rio in EVERY category, Final 5! Keep it classy. We know you always do!

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