Rory Feek Goes Home to Grant Joey’s Dying Wish: “Whatever she wants… that’s what I want.”

After Joey Feek’s death on Friday, her husband Rory has started the painful funeral preparations that he prayed would never come.

“[I’m] making plans that I hoped we would never have to make,” he captioned this photo on Instagram yesterday.


It is here that Rory will grant one of Joey’s dying wishes that he shared in their blog in November. Joey asked Rory to reach out to their farmhand Thomas for one of her last requests.

“Through tears, he got out his saws and hammer and did what she asked,” wrote Rory. “A rough-cut wooden box with a cross on it was placed beneath the bay of the bus and brought up here because that’s what Joey wants.”

Joey asked that Thomas make her box “simple, from wood at the farm.”

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She added, “And find a good spot in the family cemetery in the field behind our house, where we put your mama’s ashes last year… with room enough beside my headstone for you to join me someday… in God’s time.”

“And so we will,” wrote Rory. “Whatever she wants… that’s what I want.”

Though the journey through his wife’s cancer battle has been unbearable at times, Rory has continued to look for the light in the heartbreaking circumstance. He knows it’s what Joey would have done. It’s what she did, up until the very end.

As he returned to their farm in Pottsville, TN with his daughter Indiana, a glimpse of hope and restoration peeked through his toddler’s smiles and the refreshing smell of home.


“Reunited. Indy’s happy to see her best friend Scout (and Scouty’s little brother Ash),” Rory shared with the below photo taken on the farm.


Even in life’s darkest valleys, it’s lovely to watch God bring forth rays of sunshine with the laughter of little ones, the comfort of home, and the confidence that their beloved Joey is looking down on them, pain-free, from Heaven.

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