Russell Wilson’s God Daughter Just Passed Away and His Goodbye Message Is a Beautiful Eulogy

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Russell Wilson has been to the Super Bowl 2 out of the 3 seasons he has been in the NFL. He’s also very open about his relationship with God and how He is by far his greatest motivator. Part of him living out his faith includes visiting the Seattle Children’s Hospital every week to spend time with the kids and to sign autographs.

On this particular visit, he got a request for something more than his name in cursive.

A little girl named Ailynn asked Wilson to be her Godfather…and of course he said yes!

Unfortunately, Ailynn passed away and went to be with Jesus. Wilson left this note on his facebook page:

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Wilson has been entertaining the world with abilities on the field and now he’s inspiring the world with how he spends his time off of it.

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Wilson is such a popular visitor that the hospital felt the need to do something special to thank them:

No ring, no trophy, no game will ever be more important than the love he is showing these kids. We pray Wilson stays close with the Lord and continues to direct those around him to our Heavenly Father!