Sadie Robertson Was Asked How She Handles Fame—& This Crazy Powerful Instagram Post Says It All

Sadie Robertson and the rest of the Duck Dynasty clan have long been inspiring America with their Christian values and passion for God.

While many people go their whole lives without experiencing true joy, Sadie recently shared how she has found the “ultimate joy” at the ripe age of 18. It’s a treasure not easily found in this world—but for those in Jesus, it’s a biblical promise sure to satisfy your deepest needs, even when the “happy” wears off.

She may have just recently graduated high school, but this Christ-filled young lady is overflowing with wisdom beyond her years. In an Instagram post shared on Monday, Sadie wrote these inspiring words:

“I am filled with ultimate joy. how you ask? I used to see myself through the eyes of the world… until I just recently read a book called looking for lovely by Annie Downs. it challenged me to seek the beauty God has created around me, and within me. it showed me how in even the tiniest things sometimes have the most beautiful messages. now because of what God showed me through that book I don’t see myself as the world sees me. I don’t even see the world I used to see it. people ask how do I remain myself through the midst of fame… my answer now with the help of a dear friend talking to me about this last night is that I was not made to be worshiped, but to worship. I worship the God who made this creation we live in, and all the beauty in it. we are created to love people. how beautiful is that? we are made to LOVE. with my platform I get to love so many people I wouldn’t of met before. that is something to smile about!! That is how I have found the ultimate joy.”

And this isn’t the first time that Sadie has been vocal about her passion for God and loving people. In the video below, she shares what it means to her to be a Christian in spite of public criticism.

“Let’s start loving people the way that we need to love,” she challenges Christians. “No judgment. Love. Show people mercy. Show people grace. Have a little self-control. Have faith that can move a mountain. Do the things that God has called us to do. We’re getting confused because instead of doing what God has told us to do, we’re trying to be God and we’re not.”

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Sadie may be young, but she sure is on fire for the Lord. It’s amazing to see a teen starlet use her public platform to glorify God instead of herself. What an exquisite example for today’s youth!

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